5 things to know about the girl group Boys World

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Get ready to stan the newest girl group on the block, Boys World. The five-piece group was formed by KYN Entertainment back in 2019, and for a year, members Olivia, Makhyli, Queenie, Elana and Lillian worked on perfecting their amazing vocals and dancing skills while living in Los Angeles. 

On Oct. 23, 2020, Boys World officially debuted with the late 90s/early 00's track "Girlfriends," gaining massive attention on social media as users called them the next Spice Girls. With no American girl groups on the scene, Boys World is ready to fill in the gap amongst other global groups like Little Mix and Black Pink. Before they take over the music scene, here are five things you need to know about Boys World. 

Their group name is an acronym 

The girls decided their group name would be Boys World not because it is *literally* a boy's world, but because they made the word BOY an acronym for "Best of Yourself."

Members can speak in multiple languages 

Boys World has diverse members, and some of them are able to speak different languages. Makhyli is learning American Sign Language, Queenie speaks Tagalog and Olivia showcases her Portuguese skills in the beginning of their "Girlfriends" music video. 

They were discovered on social media 

Before Boys World, the members were regular girls posting covers of their favorite music artists on Instagram and Youtube. KYN Entertainment scouts DM'ed all the girls asking if they wanted to fly to L.A. to be part of a new girl group project. 

They are vocal about social issues 

Last summer, the girls went to Black Lives Matter protests in honor of George Floyd's death. They are also vocal about girl power and reaching out to fans. They even provide a number for fans to text the group. 


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They have a new song coming out called "Wingman" 

On Jan. 14, the group posted all over their socials about their new single "Wingman," releasing on Jan. 29. It will likely be an *amazing* girl power anthem. 


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by Chaela Williams | 1/24/2021