EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! Evanthia Theodorou's latest single "Games" reflects on a past relationship

Honest, fresh and relatable—these are all words that describe Evanthia Theodorou and her music. The multitalented 16-year-old just released her newest single, "Games," along with an amaze music video that will add a fresh vibe to your go-to playlist. We caught up with Evanthia to chat about the meaning behind her music, who gives her inspiration and how she puts together her trendy TikTok vibe.

It's a GL exclusive premiere! Check out "Games" right now:

Girls' Life: Can you tell us about your music and your new single "Games"? 

Evanthia: I have been journaling a lot. That's how I write music. And I was having a songwriting session with key writers and I was going through my journal and I remember this time that happened with me and a guy, and I decided to make a song about it, which is "Games"! And it's about how this guy really likes to play games and he's a player. I was warned about it by my friends and I just decided not to listen to it because I was like "I'll figure it out for myself." And then it turned into this whole thing where I realized that I was in this part of this game that he was playing. I didn't want to be a part of it anymore, so that's how this song came about, and it's the title of the song, too.

GL: What's your fave lyric?

Evanthia: I would have to say "we play these games / got me digging out my grave / I ain't going out this way." I think I really like that part because that was kind of like the turning point in the song, in the chorus when I realize that I shouldn't be a part of this anymore. And that's like the main part of the song and the main part of the story. I think that's my favorite part of the song right there.

GL: What advice would you give your past self in that situation?

Evanthia: I did not listen to what other people were saying. But I think that it was probably listen to my friends and trust them so I wouldn't get into that mess. But honestly we learn from our mistakes and I've grown from that situation. I still would say listen to your friends and trust your instincts, or you just get deeper into the whole mess.

GL: Who inspires your sound?

Evanthia: I love Hailee Steinfeld, because she's an actress and she sings as well and writes her own songs, so I really look up to her. And one of my favorite songwriters is Kacey Musgraves. And I also love Selena Gomez. So those three I really love.

GL: What's your musical style?

Evanthia: I think it's mainly a pop vibe, and there's like an edge to it, and an authentic vibe as well. When I songwrite, it's usually something that has happened to me, so it's usually things that are in my journal. So I like to be as truthful as possible, and have my fans and people that are listening connect to the music. It's like, if I say edgy and bubbly, it kind of goes against each other, but at the same time it's like edgy-bubbly. I'm trying to connect to my fans. My main thing is just connecting to my fans and being my authentic self.

GL: What's it like making music for an audience, especially during the pandemic?

Evanthia: I think it's a great thing, especially right now in the midst of COVID. I really just hunkered down and just was writing and playing music and working on my craft, and that's what I've been focusing on. During these times, it can be very lonely not having anything to do. This was a great time for me to make music so that people can listen to the music and feel connected. So I think it's amazing that I'm writing this music and people are going to be listening to it and connecting to it. I'm so thankful to have a great support system with my team and everything.

GL: What's your TikTok vibe?

Evanthia: My TikTok vibes vary [between] bubbly and energetic. I love posting TikToks. It can get really addicting, honestly! You can't stop scrolling. I think that my energy is very high.

GL: Do you have any favorite TikTokers?

Evanthia: Her name's Brittany [Broski]—she's the Kombucha girl. I love watching her TikToks! I love watching a bunch of comedic stuff on TikTok. It's almost like Vine, kind of.

GL: What advice would you have for girls who are just starting out on social media?

Evanthia: I would say to just be yourself. I know lots of people are saying "be yourself," and it's honestly not easy, because you have other people around you on social media that can bring you down. I would say to just be yourself and yes, it can be hard, but focus on people that make you happy and love you. 

If anyone says anything bad, they are jealous. Social media is not supposed to be negative, but people use it in bad ways sometimes with comments. And honestly, you have to ignore it, and it's hard to ignore it sometimes, but you just gotta be yourself and surround yourself with those who support you for being you.

GL: What are your goals for the future?

Evanthia: I have multiple goals for certain years. So, in at least like five years, I would really love to go on tour and have meet-and-greets and sell out stadiums. And be in films!

GL: Lastly, what's your go-to trend rn?

Evanthia: The shoelaces that you put around your jeans as a belt now. That's really cool. I mean, it's been around for a while but I've just now been really into it. I think it's really cool and trendy so I've been doing that a lot.

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Parts of this interview were edited and condensed for clarity. Images: Graphics created by Sophia Zhang.


by Ariane Faro and Katherine Hammer | 1/21/2021