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Meet Maude...

Maude Latour is a budding singer and songwriter who, at only 21, is taking over the indie pop scene one catchy tune at a time. Whether she is crafting poetic lyrics about her significant other's juice preferences or analyzing the irony of a "poor connection" signal on Facetime, it is evident that Maude has a gift—she can turn the most mundane events into unforgettable tunes that stay in your head all day long.

Maude is also on a mission to spread good vibes through her authentic social media posts where she spills her secrets, gives advice and shares inspiring messages. She has encouraged her fans to dig deep and get in touch with the world around them, which she passioantely advocates for in her well. “My music’s entire purpose is to teach you to be introspective, self-actualize, and find transcendence on this earth,” Maude explained in a TikTok

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She is a rising star

It all started when Maude posted a snippet of "One More Weekend" on her TikTok. Within weeks, the video had gone viral and Maude's follower count had spiked. Since then, Maude has been connecting with fans on social media by posting music, giving advice and spilling her secrets. Lorde fans have noted that Maude's style and voice is reminiscent of the singer, so if you've been *dying* for a new Lorde album, give Maude Latour a listen.


I literally sent all my professors my music... Hannah Montana WHOOOO???? ❤️presave walk backwards in my bio MAKE IT WORTH IT ##maudelatour ##music

♬ original sound - Maude latour

She is a full-time college student

Despite being an NYC native, Maude decided to attend Columbia University to get her B.A. in philosphy. Columbia serves as the background for most of her songs, and, according to an interview she gave to the Columbia Spectator, her song "Lovesick" was largely inspired by a discussion she had in a college philosophy class. 


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She has a powerful voice

It is no secret that Maude is a talented singer, but did you know that she writes her own music, too? Maude began releasing music in 2017 and hasn't stopped since. Her songs combine artful lyrics with heavy-handed production, making it the perfect music to keep on blast whether you're jamming with your besties or alone in your car. Since her first release, her music has been featured in Billboard and on the Madison Square Garden Youtube Channel. Oh, and she's an independent artist—how exciting is that?


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She is passionate about politics and social justice

Maude is not afraid to use her platfrom to talk about issues that are important to her. She is actively involved in U.S. politics and has even worked on a few campaigns—most notably for Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton. Maude often posts infographics about social justice, civil rights and the importance voting, so whether you support her music or her activism, you'll be invested in her social media pages.


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She understands the importance of giving back

Maude volunteers with a student-led tutoring service based in New York City where she has had the opportunity to help students in need of educational support. She has made public pleas for her social media followers to help tutor in NYC public schools.  "I went to public school in NYC growing up and this is very close to my heart. We have to be responsible for our OWN community’s education. It’s on us to make sure our the kids of the next generation get the attention and education they deserve," she said in an Instagram psot.  "I’ve had the most incredible time tutoring, and iIhope some of you consider volunteering your time as well." Talk about a great role model—or should I say role Maudel.


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She is a social media queen

Maude has taken social media by storm. With over 76k followers on Instagram and 38k followers on Instagram, she has used her understanding of the digital world to boost her music—and herself. Maude frequently interacts with followers on both platforms by posting polls and answering comments.


Can we start using this sound to show off our best friends😭😭friendship deserves to be treated w the power it has. Deepest feeling I’ve ever known

♬ original sound - Maude latour

She and her friends are BFF goals

Maude views her friends as some of the most important and inspiring people in her life. She often talks about her favorite memories and adventures with her BFFS in her TikToks and Instagram posts. Recently, she began hinting that her next song is how deeply she cares for her friends. "What happens when you get over a heartbreak before you finish writing the breakup album?" she said in a TikTok. "You write a song about your best friend. "Walk Backwards" comes out next Friday." 


Just dropped merch for the first time

♬ One More Weekend - Maude Latour

She has groovy merch

Maude is selling the *cutest* merch. From tie-dye hoodies and t-shirts to reusable tote bags, Maude's online shop has all of your groovy design needs covered. 

Maude describes herself as having "🌈🎸✨🍉⚡️🌏" energy and craves connections with others who view themselves similarly. If you *love* everything you've learned about Maude, join her ever-growing fan base on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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by Claire Hutto | 2/18/2021