5 things to know about social media star Blake Manning

Can't stop watching TikTok? You're not alone—lately, we can't get enough of the amaze video app and its superstar creators. Our latest must-follow: Blake Manning, who at only 15 years old has over 2 million fans on the app. He's a serious star on the rise, so we *had* to get the lowdown on everything you need to know about Blake...

1. His first TikTok took him to viral status.

"I started TikTok in December 2019—and it felt like I just turned around and one of my very first videos hit 700K views," Blake spills to Girls' Life. "I had no idea it would get that big so fast." The best parts of TikTok? "Having so many people who support me." The downsides? Handling the haters and negative comments ("I try to just ignore it," Blake explains). 

But at the end of the day, no matter how many views he gets, Blake stays grounded: "I don't think of myself as being that big or anything," he confesses. "I feel like, for the most part, I'm the same kid I was a year ago." 

2. He's got the inside scoop on how to hit the FYP. 

"Posting at least three videos a day helps a lot," Blake explains to the aspiring TikTokers out there when it comes to growing your account. "The main thing on TikTok is to be consistent with posting." And he's *definitely* following through on that advice—his TikTok is packed with creative content, from comedy trends to viral dances to casual behind-the-scenes of his day-to-day. 

3. His secret talents may surprise you.

"I'm actually low-key a good artist," Blake confesses. "Whenever my parents took my phone away, I'd just be drawing all the time and I got pretty good." 

4. He's got the *best* advice.

"There's no one else that can be you—so *you* have to be you," Blake shares. "You're unique, so be yourself and you're going to find people who love and accept that." At times, he's struggled with feeling self-conscious in public, but as he grows up he's learning to let that go—"Don't be scared to be who you are out in the world." That's also what he's drawn to in others: "I connect with people who are funny and good to be around," Blake says of his friendships and relationships.  

5. He's dreaming big about his future.

Blake hopes to pursue his forever passion—basketball ("I play every day and it's just what I love to do most," he says)—while expanding his interests into brand-new areas: singing, modeling and acting. "My goal for myself is to become the best actor I can be," admits Blake. His dream collab? "Kevin Hart—he's one of my favorite actors—and Michael B. Jordan." Well, we know that we can't wait to see this rising star achieve his biggest dreams.

Keep up with Blake even more on Instagram and YouTube!

Image Credit: Blake Manning/Instagram.

by Katherine Hammer | 2/16/2021