Vella is here, and she's making her debut with a new original single

She's been on our radar since her music covers made her viral on TikTok, and now, Vella is dropping her next big hit—her first original single.

Vella—17-year-old Florida native Gabriella Valdes—has had a wild ride since she rose to TikTok fame last year. And she's still climbing, with the release of her original single, Sky Without Stars.

"Personally, I relate to this song because it has an empowering message of staying true to yourself and finding power within yourself," she shares. "I don’t need a significant other to make me happy. I have myself and that is all I need."

And trust. She is giving us ev-er-y-thing in Sky Without Stars, with a retro sound that reminds us of classics like Amy Winehouse or Janis Joplin. Vella has all the strong, independent women energy we love, all while reminding us why we fell in love with her (and her voice!) to begin with.

"I am so excited for my fans to hear this song, and to watch the music video," she says. "I hope this song inspires listeners to find that feeling within themselves and realize that they do not need to stay in situations that bring them down. Put your foot down and move on." 

Sky Without Stars is streaming *everywhere* Feb. 19.

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by Erin Sargent | 2/19/2021