EXCLUSIVE! Piper Rockelle opens up about her new song "Butterflies"

We *so* heart Piper Rockelle—so that's why we had to get alllll the info on what inspired her latest single "Butterflies" (the pop anthem's music vid is an homage to Disney's Cinderella, Piper's fave princess) and the IRL relationships that get her through everything. Keep reading for our Girls' Life exclusive chat with the teen singer and social media star...

Girls' Life: What's your favorite "Butterflies" lyric? 

Piper: Oh wow, that is hard. I love so much about "Butterflies," but I guess it would have to be When I look into your eyes / You give me butterflies. It's such an epic feeling when you fall in love and just a single look can make your stomach flip and your head rush. That's for sure my favorite lyric.

Girls' Life: Best moment in the music video? 

Piper: There are two. My first favorite moment is when my dog Frank comforts me, and the second is when Lev, as Prince Charming, sees Piperella and gives her an invitation to the ball. 

Girls' Life: Who inspires your music?

Piper: Strong, resilient artists like Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus inspire me most.

Girls' Life: How have you changed in the past year?

Piper: Wow—in so many ways. The last year has been a transformation. I have survived bullying, been blessed with an amazing squad, bought my first house and fell in love. I think more than anything, I have learned the importance of surrounding myself with family and real friends, and spending time [fulfilling] my soul with cat rescue.

Girls' Life: What's something everyone should know about you?

Piper: I want everyone who enjoys my music and content to feel like they're really part of a friend group and a network. It's terrible to feel alone. Being part of something that can support people all over the world means so much to me. It's why I create content.

Girls' Life: Finally, what's up next?

Piper: More new music and music videos for sure! Also, my merch company BBY is releasing a new line of room decor and I hear that by the end of the summer we might be able to head back out on tour. I miss touring so much—meeting fans and performing live is literally my favorite thing.

Images provided by Piper Rockelle. 


by Katherine Hammer | 3/9/2021