Dove Cameron's empowering single "LazyBaby" is disco pop perfection

Ever since getting her big break on Liv and Maddie, Dove Cameron has continued to make her mark on movie screens, Broadway stages and, yes, your Spotify playlists. Dove's brand-new track "LazyBaby" just dropped today, and it's a catchy celebration of self-love infused with groovy disco elements. In other words? It's the song you *have* to hear this spring.

Check out Dove's new single right here:

When talking about the meaning behind her song, Dove explains, "'LazyBaby' is not a breakup song, it's a breakthrough song. It's the song I would sing to get me out of bed in the morning in a time when I felt like I couldn't even do my laundry, and that would make me laugh and keep me on the path to choosing myself."

Dove also recently shared her favorite part of the song on TikTok:


2 days 🫀 ##LazyBaby

♬ LazyBaby - Dove Cameron

We're so inspired by Dove's commitment to putting herself first and sharing that mindset through her music! If anyone asks, we have plans to show ourselves a little self-love and play "LazyBaby" on repeat all weekend.

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Graphics by Sophia Zhang. Slider image: @dovecameron. GIF via GIPHY.


by Ariane Faro | 4/2/2021