Teen model Lexia Hayden on how to follow *your* biggest dreams

We heart finding the *best* inspo on our feed—and whether it's fashion-forward looks, amaze athletics or confidence goals, teen influencer Lexia Hayden has it all. Just in time for summer, we got the lowdown from Lexia on how to be our best, most authentic and happiest selves (and so much more!)...

On starting modeling:

"When I was only around six months old, I did a campaign with Baby Gap Japan. There were live chickens and everything! When I was in elementary school I decided I wanted to continue modeling. Looking back at that campaign made me excited to get back into it." 

On a typical photoshoot day:

"I recently did a shoot for my birthday. I woke up and had a quick breakfast, then went over and got my hair and makeup done. I was super excited to see all the outfits laid out and everything. I got to pick what I would wear and then we started shooting. It didn't take too long—and, in between, we got snacks! When it comes to finding the perfect poses, I love looking at Instagram and older models like Gigi Hadid for inspiration." 

On her role model:

"I look up to tennis player Anna Kournikova. She plays tennis *and* models, which is what I want to do, so she's kind of my goal and inspiration. I'm hoping to play tennis in college—I love it so much. There are moments when you lose matches and you get down and start thinking, 'Maybe I'm not good enough.' But then you have to get back out there and keep going which really helps me grow as a person." 

On her go-to routine:

"I love to get up early in the morning to read, meditate, exercise—just have some time to myself. When I have a really busy day, I write down a schedule first thing in the morning. I set out times to relax and wind down because sometimes it can be a lot." 

On social media:

"Positive comments can make you feel great, but there are definitely negative ones, too. I'm glad my mom helps run my account because I don't have to see those comments and I can focus on the good parts and not feel weighed down by any bad vibes. If you want to grow a following, be patient and just keep creating content that *you* love." 

On her best advice:

"Listen to your heart and do your own thing. True confidence comes from within."

Sour Patch Kids and Twix 🍫
TV Show: The Vampire Diaries 😍
Dream vacay: "Hawaii and Los Angeles—I'm going this summer!" 🌴
Artist: Olivia Rodrigo (Her go-to Sour song? "Happier.") 🎶

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Images: @lexiahayden

by Katherine Hammer | 6/2/2021