EXCLUSIVE! Aubrey Anderson-Emmons talks Modern Family and more

We're wishing a v. big happy birthday to Modern Family star Aubrey Anderson-Emmons—and to celebrate her special day (she's turning 14!) we *had* to chat with her about everything from acting to her dream adventures. Keep reading for our amazing convo...

On how she got started:

"I started acting when I was only four years old, so I honestly don't remember it. Modern Family was technically my first job and basically my first audition. My mom wasn't trying to get me into the business, but her agent was saying how I'd be perfect for it and I really had a chance. And my mom was torn because she didn't want me to be disappointed if I didn't book it. Ten days later we were signing a contract! I remember practicing for the audition too, and how nice Jesse [Tyler Ferguson] was." 

On being part of Modern Family:

"It's been a huge part of my life. Honestly, it's all I'm known for! People recognize me pretty frequently, though not as much now that I've been wearing a mask. They'll say 'Oh, you look familar,' or you're trying to make a friend and they're like 'Wait, you're that girl from Modern Family!' It's weird, you know? It definitely affects my daily life sometimes, and friends can choose you for the wrong reasons." 

On relating to her iconic character Lily:

"I don't relate to her too much—I'm not sassy or a brat! I don't roast my mom 24/7 or walk in the room and do a line and walk out. It's great playing her but I'm not like her. She's definitely a character!" 

On her go-to style looks:

"I love baggy jeans. They don't have to be ripped, but baggy jeans, low-rise sometimes because why not. I don't have a specific style—one day I'll look more goth and the next more hippie. I like flowy skirts a lot, too." 

On describing herself:

"I'm all over the place and it's great. I'm a nice person overall and I'm down to do anything the majority of the time. I'm an introvert for sure. I love being with my friends but I also love staying home—I need that time to recharge and be alone every now and then. Everybody literally just comes to my house and they pay attention to my dogs. I have really cute dogs." 

On her advice for other girls:

"Don't let people change you. Express yourself how you want to express yourself, not the way someone else does. If it's not hurting anyone it doesn't matter. Don't let people tell you what to wear or what to do with your life. Just be you." 

Music: "Anything. I have a lot of Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, Stevie Wonder on my playlists. I really like Melanie Martinez."
Food: "Avocado toast. And spicy tuna with the crispy rice at the bottom! I normally hate fish but I'll eat that any day."
TV Show: "Kim's Convenience, American Horror Story, Pose, This Is Us. We binged so much over the pandemic."
Travel: "Australia was great. I really want to travel to Thailand."

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Image: @aubreyandersonemmons

by Katherine Hammer | 6/6/2021