EXCLUSIVE! Katie Couch talks dance, sisterhood and more

We *seriously* heart the Couch sisters—and GL besties!—Kameron, Katie and Kenz for their positive vibes, on-point fashion, hilarious YouTube, dance talent and so much more. We caught up with Katie Couch, aka one-third of this iconic trio, to talk about dance, what's coming up and lots more...

GL: What inspired you to start dancing?

Katie: My older sister Kenz. We'd go pick her up from dance class and it looked like so much fun—I felt like I just needed to try it.

GL: Favorite style of dance?

Katie: Contemporary. I love how you can expand your body to create so many different shapes. I placed second overall recently at a dance competition with a contemporary solo!

GL: What's something you wish more people knew about dance?

Katie: There are all different types of dance—and all different types of dancers. I get so many comments from girls who are afraid to try dance because they think they won't be good. Dancers are needed and accepted no matter the level you're dancing at.

GL: Biggest difference between your life in Michigan and your life in Los Angeles?

Katie: Los Angeles is definitely faster-paced! We are always running from school to auditions to rehearsals to competitions and we don't get a lot of down time. Michigan life is a little more relaxing.

Song: "1 step forward, 3 steps back" 💞
Artist: Olivia Rodrigo 🌟
TV Show: Friends or NCIS: Los Angeles 📺
Movie: To All The Boys I've Loved Before 💌
Food: Honeycrisp apples 🍎
Social Media: TikTok or Snapchat 🎵
Summer Activity: Swimming laps in the pool 🌊

GL: Best part about having sisters? 

Katie: I never feel alone. I have friends who say they feel alone sometimes and that's something I don't experience. Kenz and Kameron are always there for me.

GL: Hardest part?

Katie: Because we're so close in age, we have to compete against each other for everything—dance, auditions. Most jobs only want to hire one of us so that can be difficult at times.

GL: How do you stand out in your family?

Katie: It's actually pretty hard! Kameron is the youngest so that's her thing. Kenz is the oldest and she's really outgoing and both of them are so talented. Being in the middle makes me feel like I can get lost between them sometimes. I think I stand out because I'm funny and always make everyone laugh.

GL: Who's a dancer you look up to a lot?

Katie: Jessie Riley, for sure. She's my director at Westside Dance Project and she has taught me so much about being humble and staying focused. I wouldn't be the dancer I am today without her.

GL: Big dreams for your future?

Katie: I've set really high goals for college. I'd love to dance for Julliard or USC and both are extremely difficult dance programs to get into. On a fun note, I'd love to travel to Bora Bora! I just dream about waking up over the ocean and how cool that would be.

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by Katherine Hammer | 6/2/2021