Everything we learned about Aria Brooks' debut EP during her IG story takeover

Whether you're laughing at her jokes on Nickelodeon's All That or you're jamming to her powerful lyrics in your bedroom, there is no question that Aria Brooks is meant to be a star. Adding to an already impressive resume, the 14-year-old just released her debut EP, Castles, this past May. Castles is a passionate, personal record that chronicles Aria's "truth," and we know you'll love it as much as we do.

Already sold? We learned *everything* you need to know about her debut project when she took over our Instagram story last week. If you couldn't tune in to Aria's takeover, don't stress, because we've compiled everything she revealed below. Keep reading to learn about Aria's greatest musical inspirations, favorite tracks and the meaning behind her most personal songs.

GL: How'd you start singing?

Aria: My family is full of musicians so music has always been something that is super interesting to me. I've always loved singing, but it wasn't until I was six and started doing musical theater that I started to really take it seriously.

GL: Who was the musical inspiration behind Castles?

Aria: My project is heavily inspired by Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez and Isaac Dunbar. All of those artists started making music at a young age and they're all so authentic—which is one of my biggest goals with my music.

GL: What is your favorite track?

Aria: My favorite track is "if u knew me before, no u didn't" because it represents how I went from being insecure and having negative vibes to being really confident and having positive vibes. This track is a bop. It's my personal favorite, and you should all definitely stream it.

GL: How did you name your EP?

Aria: Castles in the air are unrealistic goals and expectations that you might have about something. I know I created a lot of castles in the air about the industry, so I talk a lot about that in my project. I also dive into how I navigated those castles and stepped into my queendom.

GL: What is next for you?

Aria: From new singles to visualizers to *another* EP, I'm releasing new music all year long. Castles Pt. 2 will be coming out later this year, so stay tuned for that. I can't wait to share everything I've been working on.

GL: How can we follow you and your projects?

Aria: You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook with the username @itsariabrooks

Need a new soundtrack for your summer? Stream Castles on all streaming platforms HERE.

Images: @itsariabrooks


by Claire Hutto | 6/23/2021