Why Sour Prom is a must watch for everyone

Sour Prom was like a movie. It was magical, confusing and fun at the same time. Sour Prom portrayed all of the emotions that Olivia Rodrigo's album Sour made me feel—making it the *perfect* compliment for Olivia's debut album.

Despite all of the attention surrounding Sour Prom, I was unaware that it was even happening until I stumbled upon it on Youtube last night. When I started watching, I was instantly captivated by the way that Olivia was able to make all the songs come to life. While I really like Olivia, I'm definitely not her #1 fan, so it was really cool that I was still able to connect *so* much to Sour Prom.

Sour Prom was different from anything I've ever seen before. It felt like the ultimate combination of a concert, music video and movie—and I really couldn't figure out which of those three it was intended to be. All the more, that mystery and curiosity encouraged me to keep watching. 

Because Olivia's lyrics mainly focus on the high school experience, prom was the perfect setting for her songs to come to life. In her album, she talks about driving, heartbreaks and "the golden years", which are all things related to high school. Wrapping up her album with the ultimate high school experience, prom, was *the perfect* fit for her album.

The Sour album was actually released five days before my own prom, so as I was getting ready for the dance, I was blasting the album. Having Sour playing while I was putting on my dress and doing my hair and makeup made watching Sour Prom even more special, and since the album came out at the peak of prom season, a Sour Prom dedicated to the album was *definitely* a necessity.

Also, can we just talk about the production? Absolutely incredible! The camera movement? Amazing. The props and backdrops? Amazing. The dancers? Amazing. And of course, Olivia was absolutely ah-mazing!

One thing I especially loved was how the scenery changed within the songs. This stylistic choice made me feel like I was with Olivia as she left her house, got in the limo, went to the dance, entered photo lab and went to the football field. Through the short film, I felt like I was part of Olivia's entire prom experience.

Sour Prom was the *ultimate* viewing experience, and even made me feel like I was listening to the album for the first time. So even if you're like me and you don't *always* keep up with Olivia, you def don't want to miss checking out Sour Prom.

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All pics via @oliviarodrigo


by Zohar Peleg | 6/30/2021