GiaNina Paolantonio talks new music and back-to-school advice

We *so* heart GiaNina Paolantonio for her amaze TikTok moves, confidence-boosting Insta and, of course, her brand-new fabulous music. On the heels of her latest single release "Time", we caught up with this rising teen star... 

Girls' Life: So, what's "Time" all about?

GiaNina: It's my first-ever summer jam pop song—my lucky third song. It's about that summer love so many of us have had. You might want to say it's hot girl summer, but you have that one [person] you just can't stop thinking about. You're wondering if they think about you and those normal things we all overthink. It's super relatable. 

Girls' Life: How was your summer in general?

GiaNina: So fun. One of my favorite summers ever, especially getting to be out and about again. I got to live it up in the safest way possible this summer and I'm really grateful for that. 

Girls' Life: And what's coming up this fall? 

GiaNina: I have a clothing line drop that's coming up very soon—it's an active line, incorporating things you'd wear to dinner but also my dance. I like changing, like, 30 times a day so that's my vibe! Stay tuned for that. 

Girls' Life: What's your go-to fall fashion?

GiaNina: Jeans with a cardigan or sweatshirt. I love black leggings, too. 

Girls' Life: And what's your friendship mood this year? 

GiaNina: I've never really had a big group of friends because, you know, that never ends well. So there are a few people in my life who have really walked in and show that they care, that they show up. They're really important to me and I'm grateful for that. I'm always making new connectios but I have a handful of friends that I consistently see. I love them so much.

Girls' Life: Best confidence advice going into back-to-school season?

GiaNina: Going back is going to be hard—after this past year, a lot of us have changed. Mentally, physically, all of it. The people you're going back with may not be friends with the same people they were before. So keep an open mind and be nice to everyone. Whoever you click with, you click with—but don't shut others out because of that. You might not know it when you meet someone, but that person could end up being your best friend.

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Image: Parts of this interview were edited and condensed for clarity.


by Katherine Hammer | 9/17/2021