EXCLUSIVE! 5 questions with Better Nate Than Ever's Aria Brooks

As Libby in Disney+'s Better Nate Than Ever (about a Broadway fanboy who travels to New York with his best friend to audition for a musical), Aria Brooks is the quintessential spunky, witty best friend. The 15-year-old says she shares some of Libby's qualities (especially her A+ hype woman ways)—but there's a lot more to the actress (/comedian/singer/songwriter/mental health advocate/activist...see what we mean?). Keep reading for her hottest takes (and hottest goss about working with HSMTMTS star Joshua Bassett).

Girls' Life: Better Nate Than Ever focuses on an epic friend-venture. What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done with a friend IRL?

Aria Brooks: One time with my friend, when we would make fun YouTube videos years ago, we did the "what's in my mouth" challenge—where one person is blindfolded and the other gives them outrageous food items to eat. I was nervous because we had some crazy foods to try. My friend ended up burning her mouth with this really spicy hot sauce. It was pretty fun, but going back and watching the video is kind of embarrassing!

GL: What's your favorite behind-the-scenes memory from working with Joshua on the movie?

AB: One thing about Josh is that if there is a piano set, he is definitely going to play it. One day, in between filming, he found a piano and all of us started singing, playing and dancing together. It was such a cool moment to get to vibe and have fun with him.

GL: You've written songs about your struggles with mental health. Do you have a personal mental health mantra that helps you through tough moments?

AB: My mental health mantra right now is to move in silence. As hard as that is for me, I realize I need to watch how much I share and who I share it with. It is poor mental hygiene to give all of yourself away.

GL: We love your braids and the fun hair colors you've been experimenting with lately. What hair colors are still on your beauty bucket list? Which has been your personal favorite so far?

AB: Oh my goodness, I love changing up my hair color! I plan on getting purple, orange, blonde, blue—and I want to experiment with multiple colors at once. It's hard for me to pick my favorite between red and green. Green is my favorite color in general, and the red hair phase is such a vibe, so it's hard for me to decide.

GL: What fashion trend of 2021 should be officially retired this summer?

AB: I think chunky sneakers and chunky rings need to be put to rest. No judgment to those who wear them...but I think we should agree as a society to give it a break.

Peep Aria in Better Nate Than Ever, premiering on Disney+ today!

Top and slider image: Tevin Johnson


by Kayleigh Roberts | 4/1/2022