Olivia Rodrigo just won three Grammys (!!!)

If you tuned into the Grammys, you've probably heard the exciting news: Olivia Rodrigo went home with three wins last night—clinching the awards for Best New Artist, Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album!

Olivia was one of the most-nominated artists, with seven different noms. She took the stage and performed Drivers License (aka our anthem of the past year)—and spoiler alert: She killed it!

Not only did she sound amazing, but she looked it too. Clothed in a Y2K meets grunge meets classy long black dress with purple sparkles, a purple choker and black gloves, she rocked her look and glowed in every pic.

You may have heard that toward the end of the night, she dropped one of her trophies, but this little fumble was nothing more than a Taylor Swift-inspired moment (Taylor—Olivia's idol—did the same thing in 2010). Talk about deja vu!


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Despite this blush much moment, Olivia killed it at her first-ever Grammy Awards. 

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by Alaina Cintron, Eva Mandelbaum, Jasmine Robinson | 4/4/2022