EXCLUSIVE! 8 things you didn't know about XOMG POP! star Kiya Barczyszyn


It's no secret that we're obsessed with anything XOMG POP!, so we *had* to sit down with Kiya Barczyszyn to get the inside scoop on life since Siwa's Dance Pop Revolution. The 12-year-old dance sensation is just as bright and bubbly as her Instagram page, and we can't get enough of her good-vibes-only attitude. Scroll for eight fun facts you need to know about XOMG POP!'s very first member (we promise you'll love her even more—if that's possible—after number three). 

1. Kiya's been dancing for more than half of her life.
"I started when I was five years old, and I instantly loved it," she gushed. "At the time, I was only doing hip hop, but I started doing all styles later on. Eventually, I started dancing competitively, which was a blast, but I really wanted to focus on my technique."

2. She has some seriously stellar role models.
"I definitely look up to JoJo a lot, obviously. But if I had to pick someone else, I would say I really look up to Meghan Trainor. She works super hard, and something I love about her is she always has her mom with her." (Awww.)

3. Her pink hair is #goals, but the reason behind it is srsly inspiring.
We asked Kiya about her signature pink 'do, and she amazed us with her answer. "I just felt like I wasn't standing out enough," she shared. "I would always put myself in the back corner and watch all the people in front of me. It was the perfect time for me to do something different, so I dyed my hair pink! I recently decided this color, which is, like, highlighter pink. It's pretty bright."

4. Kiya loves anything Disney, and her fave show? None other than Shake It Up. (We heart the throwback vibes.)


5. Her sense of style is on. point. 
"I love to wear bright colors, and anything with neon is my favorite," Kiya shared. "I like to pair my outfits with fun accessories like big earrings and hair clips. And I really like combat boots and high-top shoes."

6. She's got *big* plans for the future.
Besides working on new music and performing for fans across the country, Kiya dished that she's always wanted to be on Disney Channel. "One of my biggest dreams is to land a lead role in a Disney movie or TV show. "

7. Her fave summer activity? Going to the beach with her fam, ofc.

8. Kiya hearts her fans (yes, that means you!) and encourages all her followers to be their authentic selves.
"If I could share one piece of advice, it would be to *always* be yourself. You don't have to be like someone else in the room. It's okay to be you, and you don't have to change anything about yourself to be better. You're you—and that's just perfect."


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by Katherine Hammer and Lena Genovese | 4/21/2022