EXCLUSIVE! 5 questions with 13: The Musical's Gabriella Uhl

You might not recognize Gabriella Uhl yet, but that's about to change now that the 14-year-old is starring in Netflix's 13: The Musical. In the movie (which is all about finding your place in the world while navigating common teenage struggles, like moving to a new school and dealing with divorce), Gabriella plays Patrice, a strong-willed, proud feminist who never caves to peer pressure (aka the kind of person we could all use in our IRL friend circles). We asked Gabrielle five very telling (and, OK, sometimes also very random) Q's to help you get to know her on the quick.

GL: What's your go-to get-hyped song to combat bleh Monday vibes?

Gabriella Uhl: I am a *huge* Harry Styles fan, and the first track on Harry's House, "Music for a Sushi Restaurant," is my absolute favorite song right now.

GL: How would you describe your social media philosophy?

Gabriella: I actually just got Instagram last year when I was 13—the day the cast list for 13: The Musical was announced, actually. So I'm still really new to it all, but I feel like social media for me is pretty casual. I like to be authentic and real and not overthink it.

GL: What's your favorite feel-good movie to watch on repeat?

Gabriella: I love The Holiday! I know every line. And yes, I watch it all year—not just at Christmastime.

GL: Are you into other holidays, too, or is it just Christmas for you?

Gabriella: Oh, I also love Halloween! I love getting together with my friends and going trick-or-treating—you're never too old. Last year, I was Dorothy because I got a dog. His name is Oscar. He's a miniature Schnauzer. I love him so much—he was my Toto.

GL: Do you have any hidden talents (outside of singing and dancing and acting, that is)?

Gabriella: I'm oddly skilled at origami. I got into origami when I was 10, and I got really good at it. My favorite thing I can make is a really complex bunny. Kind of random, but it stands up and it's pretty cool. I've never been able to make a frog though. There's a frog that my dad can make, and if you press on it, it jumps. I'm not *that* good yet.

Catch Gabriella in 13: The Musical, streaming now on Netflix!

Gabriella image credits: Photographed by Corinne Louie. Hair and makeup by Natalia Thomas.


by Kayleigh Roberts | 8/14/2022