EXCLUSIVE! Dallas Skye spills *all* the deets on XOMG POP!

What's it like working with JoJo Siwa? How did it feel taking the stage at America's Got Talent? We asked *all* our most burning questions about XOMG POP!—and the amazing, adorable Dallas Skye answered ~everything~ (yessss). Read on for our exclusive GL interview...

Girls' Life: Tell us what it's like working with JoJo Siwa. 

Dallas: I obviously look up to JoJo. She's such a humble person and she's so sweet. I love her so much. I really admire her work ethic.

Girls' Life: Anyone else who inspires you?

Dallas: Zendaya! She's such a beautiful person and I love how she sings and dances like me—and we both have curly hair, too.

Girls' Life: Biggest highlight of XOMG POP! so far?

Dallas: Definitely being on America's Got Talent. It was so surreal getting to perform on the big stage for the judges with all the lights and cameras and everything.

Girls' Life: Fave XOMG POP! song to sing at the moment?

Dallas: I really like "Merry Go Round." I sing it all the time just, like, around the house. It's so cool and it brings that edgy side of XOMG POP!—we go from being sweet in [our song] "Candy Hearts" to being more toned down in this dark, abandoned carnival. Then another one of my favorites is in our album that we'll be releasing, so I can't wait for that one to come out.

Girls' Life: Describe your personality.

Dallas: I'm an old soul. Elegant, classical. I'm a little bit quiet before you get to know me but then I'm very funny.

Girls' Life: One big dream you have for your future?

Dallas: To go to Tokyo, actually. I'm learning five languages right now and one of them is Japanese, so I'd love to go there and speak some Japanese. Oh, and also, I'd love to go on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with XOMG POP!—it's my dream and that would be so cool. 

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by Katherine Hammer | 9/20/2022