Miley teams up with Nick?

According to reports from E! News, Miley Cyrus is reuniting with her ex Nick Jonas to record the track “Pass It On” for Disney. An inside source calls it, “Disney’s version of ‘We Are the World.’ It’s about kindness and passing it on.” The duo along with the other Jo Bros, Joe and Kevin, are set to shoot the video this Sat, April 4th and record the track later this week.

The first collaboration since their highly publicized break up in December ‘07, have Miley and Nick patched things up? Miley tells E! News, "Everyone thinks that me and the Jonas Brothers have this big feud going on, and me and Nick are really close friends now. We talk all the time and he's one of my best friends." Err…right!

Blog it out…Can Miley and Nick really be friends? Or is this a Disney match-up?  


by GL | 2/1/2016