A Merry Jesse McCartney

Photo Credit: Mark Fellman
While we won’t get to catch his ah-dorable face on the big screen this Christmas, we will be able to LOL with his talented voice-over work. 22-year-old Jesse’s reprising his role as one of our fave chipmunks, Theodore, in Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel, in theaters this Wednesday, Dec. 23.

And as Alvin, Simon and Theodore embrace the frightening halls of high school in this latest comedy, Jesse’s welcoming the close of a fabulous year. What’s making him so merry during this holiday season? We got him on the phone to find out…

Jesse’s merry…because the Chipettes are joining the scene
“This is the ‘squeakquel,’ which is appropriate and it’s going to be even more fun than the first. They’ve added the Chipettes, so there’s double trouble. Watching them sing and dance is [hilarious]. There’s this one scene in the movie where they perform Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’ And not only is it the song, but it is the full on choreographed dance.”
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Jesse’s merry…because he voices the cutest Chipmunk
“I mean, I am a little biased, but even growing up I remember Theodore being [my favorite Chipmunk]. He’s the most human-like, you know? He’s got that kind of imperfect vibe that I think people really associate with. [In this new film] the Chipmunks are going to school for the first time and trying to interact with high schoolers. It’s a huge challenge for Theodore. There are a couple scenes where you see Theodore having to deal with bullies and it’s just the cutest thing because, obviously, you can’t imagine even picking on somebody as cute as him. It makes for great entertainment.”

Jesse’s merry…because he has awesome younger sibs
“My brother and sister are so far beyond their years, it’s ridiculous. They’re constantly giving me life lessons. [The best piece of advice I have ever given them, though] is that you can do whatever you want; you just have to work really hard. You can never just expect everything to be laid out in front of you. I tell them all of the time, whatever it is that you want to do, just make sure you love it. Don’t ever do something because you feel like you’re forced to do it.”
Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Jesse’s merry…because of holiday traditions
“I grew up in New York, and I’ve been in L.A. now six years, so the traditions are changing.  [But] our family always comes together [for Christmas] wherever we are in the world. Last year, we went skiing. It was the first year that we spent it away from home. We went to this place in the mountains in Utah. It was unbelievable—so much that we might even go again this year. That might be the new tradition.”

Jesse’s merry…with memories of hilarious present mishaps
“When I was four, I got my first two-wheeler bike. That’s all I wanted for Christmas. However, half an hour after getting on the bicycle, I fell. I have pictures where my elbow is just completely scraped up and I’m crying. My mom’s taking photos of me crying and I’m next to my brand new bicycle.”

Jesse’s merry…for the east coast type of life
“One thing about the east coast that the west coast lacks is that there’s very little interaction with people. You’re always in your car and you can’t, like, walk down the street to Starbucks. You don’t get the opportunity to bump into some random stranger on the street, you know? That’s one thing I’d change about Los Angeles. I think we should be closer together.”

Be sure to check out Jesse in Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel and then let us know your thoughts.

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By: Patricia McNamara


12/19/2009 7:00:00 AM