GL's Crushin' on...Justin Bieber

Photo Credit: Pamela Littky
Justin Bieber may only be 15, but that’s not stopping him from becoming the music world’s next big thing.

Just a few years after posting some DIY videos of him singing on YouTube, the Canadian cutie—who also plays the drums, guitar, piano and trumpet—now has a hit single (“One Time”), an album (My World) and names like Usher on speed dial.

Justin spills on his fears, friends—and what it takes to win his heart.

Ushered In With his soulfully sweet covers of their songs, Justin wowed Usher and Justin Timberlake, both of whom wanted to sign him to their record labels. Usher won out in the end, and continues to act as Justin’s mentor—and good buddy. Says Justin: “He’s just a super nice guy and looks out for me. We love to go go-karting.”

True Gentleman “I’ve only had a couple girlfriends, and haven’t gotten too serious, but I look for girls with a good personality who can make me laugh. And I like taking a girl out for dinner and buying her flowers.”

Close Call “I’m very claustrophobic and scared of elevators. When I was 11, I was stuck in one for four hours. They had to call people two hours away to come and fix it.”
Fan Frenzy Justin’s fans are crazy for him—and some aren’t afraid to show it. “Once, I was going into a radio station in Seattle around 6 in the morning. This girl sees me, runs and tackles me. And then there’s this kid named Chad who follows me wherever I go. I don’t know why.”

Disaster Date “I was on a date at King’s Buffet. I got spaghetti and meatballs, which wasn’t a smart thing to do. I spilled it all over me. She never went out with me again.”

Smitten by Swift Justin jumps for Taylor Swift. “It’s not only that she’s a great artist, she’s just a very sweet girl. She’s good to her fans and to her mom. I really like ‘Our Song.’” And the feeling is mutual: Taylor expressed her love for “One Time” on her own YouTube page.


12/22/2009 12:09:00 PM