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More and more girls use social media to support causes

Have you “liked” your favorite charity on Facebook? Do you “follow” organizations that you find inspiring on Twitter? You’re not alone. According to a new study, 80 percent of teens use social media as a tool to support causes and organizations they believe in. The study also reveals the majority of the teens who have become more socially aware because of this are girls!

On Facebook, Locks of Love has over 8,500 “likes”. The ASPCA Twitter feed is followed by over 41,000 users. Nowdays, it seems you can’t log onto a social media site without finding that your friends are showing their support for something with just the click of a button.  And why not? It’s been proven that teens spend the majority of their time on the computer of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Every time a user pledges their support for a cause online, it shows up in hundreds of other people’s News Feeds and home pages. This leads to more and more clicks for the cause.

And it works! The power behind social media sites can reach more people than going door-to-door asking for donations. This week over 200,000 American teens will be showing their support for World Vision’s cause for long-term relief in Haiti by participating in the annual 30 Hour Famine. Across the world, over one billion people will participate. That’s one in every six people in the entire world. Without the far-reaching power of social media, this event could never be so widespread, and last year’s event could not have raised $10.4 million.

So like, follow, re-tweet, and post away girlies! With every click, you’re helping to spread awareness to your friends and friends’ friends about causes that matter to you!


Note: GL does NOT support the 30 Hour Famine fasting. Fasting can be incredibly dangerous to your health, especially if you’re under the age of 12, suffer from certain diseases or disorders, have an eating disorder or take certain medications. Consult a doctor before you choose to go without food for any reason, chickies! For alternatives to the 30 Hour Famine, click here.


by Bridget Runge | 2/1/2016