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Skip Breakfast, Gain Weight


Wake up, shower, get dressed, and EAT BREAKFAST, ladies! HealthDay News reported a study done of 2,000 teens and their eating habits over a period of five years. The teens who ate a healthy breakfast regularly, tended to have a healthier overall body weight and were more physically active. The logic behind this? When you skip breakfast, you tend to be hungrier later on and end up snacking and munching all throughout the day. An alarming one-third of teens ages 12-19 are currently overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. The risk becomes higher as you get older, and you are more likely to skip breakfast as you get older.

Now ladies, this doesn’t mean that any bfast counts as healthy! Ditch those toaster strudels for something more filling like a whole grain cereal, skim milk and a banana. Even if you are running super-late, you should still grab something on your way out the door to munch on before homeroom. Grab a yogurt and a granola bar and crumble the bar into your yogurt for a quick brekkie!

By: Jaime Sunday

by GL | 2/1/2016
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