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Butt out any thoughts of even trying a cigarette. The New York Times reported that a recent study published in The Journal of Family Practice showed that teens who smoke even one cigarette can get totally addicted. Turns out, the kids’ brains deal with nicotine differently than adults, making it easier for them to get hooked. Given that 90% of adults who smoke started during their teen years, it’s super-important not to even start.

The Times also reported that 40% of teens who try to quit smoking light up again in less than a week. Ew.

In case you needed a reminder as to why you should never, ever smoke, here are some facts from the

American Cancer Society:

*Smoking reduces life expectancy by 14 years

*Smoking leads to an increased risk of 16 different cancers

*87% of all lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking

So keep your lungs, and the air, clean, ok?

by Girls' Life | 2/1/2016