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Warning ALL Couch Potatoes


How many hours a day do you sit on your butt to watch TV, chat on IM or play video games? ABC News recently reported that lotsa couch time isn’t good for one’s health. A group of researchers at the University of Missouri did a study and found out sitting makes our bodies retain fat.

When we sit, our body's production of lipase (an enzyme that splits fat for burning) turns off. Plus, instead of fat cells being thrown to our muscles to be burned, it is taken hostage by our tissue to bulk us up.

Of course, we absolutely HAVE to sit sometimes (hello, school). But, researchers suggest moving around when you have the chance. Even if it’s just taking a break from sitting to walk a lap or two around house. And after school, quit the boring 5-hour couch potato routine. Get up and move!

By: Kate Stoker

by GL | 2/1/2016