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Friendly Competition


You’re in gym and your teacher makes your class split up into groups for some crunches. Crunches? Lame-o. Crunches are your least favorite things in the world and you’ve only brought yourself to do 10 in a row at most. All of a sudden, your teacher pairs you and your two BFFs with Jen, the notorious fitness diva, and her band of super-fit friends. She’s pumped and ready to go and you can’t help but to roll your eyes. Before you know it, you’re absolutely smashing your previous 10-crunch record! Something’s up….

Well, according to a recent article in the New York Times, the reason behind your unexplainable drive is that working out in a group can drastically improve your endurance, motivation, concentration and improve the effectiveness of your workout overall. Apparently, a little friendly competition never hurt anybody.

Statistics have shown that the magic number is 6 people per workout group, not too little and not too many. When picking your fave five, it is important to consider two things: body type and ability. While you want to include peeps who are a little better than you to help you improve, you don’t want anyone who’s gonna burn you out (or slow you down, for that matter). Also, be careful of friendly competition turning in to catty conflict. Don’t get pouty if your bud has better form with the weights or is a little faster on the track. Instead, use your friend’s skill for motivation.

Working out with other chicas can also make the time fly by. While working out in a group you might ask yourself, “Where did the time go?” instead of the “OMG! How much time is left?” Use your workout group as a source of support and inspiration. Go ahead girls, start workin’!

By: Laura Tomaselli

by GL | 2/1/2016