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Dining Out


Love to eat out? We do, too! Eating at your fave restaurants is definitely a treat. No need to set the table, take time to cook or do the dishes afterwards. But research has shown that eating out does have its consequences. You must remember to be mindful of where you eat and how much of the food you consume.

According to an article in the Washington Post, research found that people who live near more fast-food restaurants are heavier compared to those who lived near more full-service restaurants (where ya sit down and eat). This is especially a prob because there is an increasing number of the population becoming overweight and obese.

Because you don't always know what is being used to prepare the foods you eat at either kind of eatery, you need to set boundaries. If you find yourself indulging in fast food for most of your meals, make a conscious effort to cut back. When eating at full service restaurant, remember GL’s portion chart, ‘cause they tend to serve HUGE plates of food.

Although eating out is not a bad thing, doing it too often becomes a health risk concerning weight. Look up some simple recipes to use for quick meals at home to avoid eating out a lot.

By: Sharon Choi

Blog About It! How many times a week do you eat out? Find you and your fam eating out waaay more than you eat in? Share your goals to cutback.

by GL | 2/1/2016