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Healthy Bones, Healthy You!


When was the last time you hung out outside with your girls? Have you had a glass of milk today? Do you participate in gym or an after-school sport?

According to a recent article in Yahoo News, if you answered NO to the above questions your bones may be at risk! Doctors are finding that too little milk, sunshine and exercise is leading to softer, easily breakable bones. For some kids, this lowered bone density can lead to more serious problems, like rickets. Rickets is a disease where your legs become so soft that they bow. Other problems, such as an earlier onset of bone-cracking osteoporosis, and increased bones fractures, are also going up. Bone fractures in girls are up 56% from four decades ago!

So how to make sure you're safe? Get enough calcium, sunshine and exercise! Put your fave songs on your iPod and go for a run outside. Meet up with your pals for a game of outdoor soccer. Dance around your room. Have a bowl of whole-grain cereal with Vitamin D fortified milk. Ask your rents or doctor about taking vitamins with calcium and Vitamin D supplements. Make a super smoothie with milk. You're bones will be feelin' super strong in no time!

-Caitlin Rohan

by GL | 2/1/2016