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iNeed a break: Celebrate National Day of Unplugging today!

Wake up. Check your phone. Take a shower. Check your phone. Eat breakfast while scrolling through Twitter and Insta. Go to school. Sneak a look at your phone at lunch. Get out of school. Check your phone.

Sound familiar? 

As incredible as technology is, it can really start to take over our lives. A lot of times, we become so preoccupied with our social media presence that we forget to live in the actual present. (When you're busy picking a filter for your #TBT beach pic, for example, you might miss out on the magic of the real view.) That's why project Reboot came up with the National Day of Unplugging. Celebrated from sundown March 9 to sundown March 10, the day is meant to give us a chance to step away from our phones and just live in the moment. 

How do we do that? Depending on where you live, it might be hard to get outside in this weather, but take a sec to chat with your mom or pick up a real paper-and-ink book and read the day away. Maybe you can even invite your friends over for dinner and board games–just don't forget to check your phones at the door! The possibilities are endless. And who knows? You might just find yourself wanting to unplug more often. 

How will you celebrate the National Day of Unplugging? Let us know in the comments!


by Kimberly Uslin | 3/9/2018