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Thanks to a YouTube beauty tutorial, girls are suffering serious burns

If you love watching fun tutorials to learn new looks for your hair and makeup routine, you know that YouTube is the place to go. Unfortunately, not all beauty videos are equal—and one video shared by French beauty blogger Maria Lopez, aka YouTube's EnjoyPhoenix, is leading girls to accidentally burn their skin. 

After sharing a video called "DIY Masques" with her almost two million subscribers, Maria shared how to make a few different types of facial masks with ingredients that were probably already in their kitchen, including one that included cinnamon. The problem? According to the National Library of Medicine, cinnamon "when applied to the skin... can sometimes cause skin irritation and allergic skin reactions."

Though BuzzFeed reports that Maria instructed DIYers to test the masks on the skin of their hands before applying them to their face, it seemed like many fans didn't—and faced the consequences when they suffered burns and rashes. After complaints started pouring in on social media, Maria took to her Facebook page to respond. According to Google Translate, Maria wrote, "It's obvious you should test a mask on your skin before applying it fully. If you feel it burning, don't you remove it? Have a little common sense."

Though Maria might've made her point in a pretty sassy way, she isn't wrong: whenever you're trying a new skin product of any kind (but especially homemade), you should always test it on the skin of your hand or your arm first to see how your body reacts. Unfortunately, these girls had to learn that lesson the hard way. 

What beauty bloggers do you follow? Have you ever had a major DIY fail? Share in the comments below.

Photo and video credit: EnjoyPhoenix

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by Alexa Matthews | 2/1/2016
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