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It's basically scientifically proven that cats are the *best*


Let’s face it: Cats are awesome. They’re always down to cuddle, they have the most adorable whiskers and their purring is such a soothing sound. We’re all pretty familiar with these benefits. However, did you know that owning a cat is actually scientifically proven to be good for you?

According to this Buzz60 video, being a cat owner comes with some serious benefits. Show it to your parents, explain these points and you might be able to convince your parents to let you get the new kitten of your dreams.

Cats help you cope when you are sad.

If you’ve ever had a bad day (who hasn’t?), then you know exactly how good it feels to snuggle with your cat. A cat’s calm presence is the perfect remedy for whatever’s bothering you. As if the snuggling weren’t enough to do the job, you’re also able to vent to your cat about things that you’re not quite ready to share with human ears. Sayonara, sadness!

Kitty owners tend to be smarter.

It’s true! According to Huffington Post, a study conducted by researchers at Carroll University found that cat lovers scored higher on the intelligence scale than dog lovers. Cats help to make you more open-minded and sensitive, which leads to better backrubs for them and a bigger brain for you.

Children exposed to cats are less likely to get allergies.

You may not be buying this is if you’re allergic to cats. However, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, exposing newborn babies to cat dander actually lowers their risk of growing up with asthma and allergies. Who would’ve thought that a little cat hair could go such a long way?

Cats have saved lives by warning their owners of household dangers.

Dogs tend to get all the credit for this, but our feline friends want to protect us, too. In 2010, Baby the cat saved her owners from a late-night house fire. The couple were sleeping when the fire started, but Baby woke them up, and they were able to escape a fire so bad that it destroyed almost all of their possessions. Woah, Baby!

Do you have a kitty of your own? What’s the coolest thing your cat’s ever done?

Photo credit: Taylor Swift


by Megan Sawey | 6/28/2016