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The latest beach bag must-have: this shark-repelling bracelet

Shark attacks have always been a frightening yet popular topic of discussion, especially during the warmer months. We feature these creatures in our favorite movies and dedicate an entire week’s worth of television to them (who decided on that?), but the toothy, gilled creatures still give us pause when we hit the waves.

Are you someone who shakes just at the thought of sharks? Are you too afraid to even get in the water at the beach? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you'll be mighty relieved to hear about, SHARKBANZ. This bracelet that repels sharks may just be the peace of mind you're lookin' for.

SHARKBANZ is a band that looks like a thicker version of a Fitbit. The band can be worn on the ankle or wrist and uses magnetic technology in order to repel sharks. You may be thinking, “How are magnetic waves going to protect me from a shark?” but not to worry–the scientists behind SHARKBANZ have done their research...

Shark attacks usually occur in shallow waters, AKA where many swimmers and surfers enjoy the summer sun. When sharks come into a crowded environment such as this, they have to rely on their electro-receptors to get a feel for what’s around them. Their electro-magnetic sense is out of this world strong and they use this to judge the location of other things in their underwater world. When someone is wearing a SHARKBANZ, the waves emitted from the band interfere with the shark’s electro-receptors thus causing the predator to turn away. According to Dr. Stroud, an expert on shark repellent, what the shark experiences while around one of these bracelets is similar to someone shining a flashlight into your eyes. If that happened to you, you’d obviously be thrown off guard and want to turn away from the light immediately.

The bands are not made with chemicals, batteries or electricity and do no harm to the aquatic creatures. In fact, SHARKBANZ is making it a mission to protect these creatures and aquatic life in general with each sale. 3% of profits go to ocean conservation groups in order to eradicate the practice of shark finning, protect and restore ocean habitats by designating marine sanctuaries and pass legislation or prevent new offshore drilling. How great, huh?! You can help marine life while also keeping your distance.

On the SHARKBANZ website, the bands sell for $65 each and are sold in several colors. We have to say that for such an interesting gadget, they’re not totally unfashionable!

What do you think of this invention, GL girls? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: SHARKBANZ.

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by Kristina Lee | 7/10/2016