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Celebs react to President Obama's teary farewell speech--read their messages below!

Last night, President Barack Obama formally addressed the US for the last time in his farewell speech. He reminisced on his time as POTUS, and he thanked the country for all its done in his eight years in office. He ended his speech by repeating his 2008 campaign slogan, “Yes, we can,” adding, “Yes, we did.” Things got pretty emotional for everyone watching, including your fave celebs, and they took to Twitter and Instagram to react to the inspirational moment. Check out what they had to say!

Katy Perry on Instagram

"@barackobama Thank you for your incredible grace in leadership and for being an exceptional example for us all. You've made many who were sleeping, conscious - including myself. I agree with you; we need to burst our bubbles and build real community again, face to face. I am excited to see the generation coming up who as you said, are "Unselfish, altruistic, creative, patriotic and believe in a fair, just, inclusive America." I cannot wait to see good triumph. ❤️🇺🇸Taken 10/24/12"

Ellen on Twitter

Drake on Instagram

"As a Canadian that calls America home for part of the year I will always carry your words and the memory of your time in office with me as inspiration. Big up yaself O."

Niall Horan on Twitter

Rowan Blanchard on Instagram


Kerry Washington on Twitter

Miley Cyrus on Instagram

"Thank you @barackobama !!!! We love you so much! Miss you already! 💛✌️️💛✌️️regram @happyhippiefdn"

Zendaya on Twitter

Michelle Williams on Twitter

Gina Rodriguez on Instagram

"First time I met the incredible President Barack Obama, we bonded over our Chi Town roots. He said "You're from Chicago?" Evidence shows, I screamed "Hell YEAH". You served us well Mr. President. #farewell (mean comments go somewhere with your hate, you will be blocked, don't steal my joy)"

Ariana Grande on Instagram


And President Obama himself on Twitter

Will you be sad to see President Obama leave office? Are you interested in politics? Sound off below.

by Emily Cavanagh | 1/11/2017
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