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Do you think that more landmarks should be named after women?

The makers of the "Put Her On the Map" campaign do

Did you know that women make up 50 percent of the country's population, but only 8 percent of the country's landmarks, monuments and streets are named after women?

No? Me either.

One company, advertising agency BBDO, has created a project in order to change these statistics and fight for women to gain the recognition they deserve. In the video below, young girls list common things that have been named after women including shoes ("Mary Janes"), shorts ("Daisy Dukes"), kitchenware ("Lazy Susan") and more. The video promotes the company's project, "Put Her on the Map," and its mission to fight for influential women throughout history to have landmarks named after them.

While it’s a very strange time in our country’s history right now, it’s also an empowering one for millions of women and girls. As we fight for equality throughout the country, this video encourages females to continue reaching for greatness. The president and CEO of BBDO Worldwide, Andrew Robertson, told PR Newswire, “When successful women are not visible in our world, there is no precedent for female potential. By changing the map, cities and companies can change the face of our communities and inspire future female leaders.”

Now *this* is a campaign we can definitely get behind. If you want to find out more information about the campaign, just click here.

What do you think about this campaign? Who do you think should have a landmark named after them? 

Photo credit: Cleared and Ready for Takeoff


by Cali Drouillard | 2/15/2017
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