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You'll never believe what this girl's college essay was about

One Tennessee teen made her college application essay *super* cheesy... but it paid off!

Carolina Williams wrote one of her college essays about her love for Papa John’s pizza. In her application for Yale University, Williams answered the prompt: “Write about something that you love to do.” While most students would write about one of their hobbies, Williams decided to discuss ordering Papa John's. She told ABC News that she knew the essay was risky, but decided to go for it anyway.

Williams said it was “surreal” to be accepted to the prestigious university. What’s even crazier about the story is that the university sent Williams comments about her pizza piece! One admissions officer said, “I laughed so hard on your pizza essay. I kept thinking that you are the kind of person that I would love to be best friends with.” Another wrote, “As a fan of pizza, I laughed out loud (then ordered pizza) after reading your application.”

Even Papa John’s saw the now-viral essay, and in a video, Papa John himself, founder John Schnatter offered her an internship, free pizza for a year and a pizza party for her dorm! 

While Williams was flattered by all of the attention from Yale, she decided to attend Auburn University instead. 

“I love the South and I love the whole school spirit there,” she said about Auburn. Plus, it probably didn’t hurt that there’s a Papa John’s located right on campus!

What crazy thing would you write a college essay about? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo credit: Good Morning America


by Maddie McGee | 6/5/2017
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