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This formerly-homeless teen was accepted to an Ivy League college

High school—with all the homework, social engagements, college apps and exams—is hard enough. On top of all that, imagine *also* stressing about where you and your family are going to sleep each night or whether or not you have enough money for food.

That was the life of 17-year-old Megan Faircloth. And with all of that on her plate, she proved *nothing* was going to stand in her way of going to college. After being homeless in high school, Megan was accepted into Stanford Univerity—oh, yeah, and that was after she became valedictorian at her North Carolina high school, East Wake High Shcool.

Megan, her two sisters and their mom were constantly moving between hotels, relatives' houses and their car. Often times, Megan was left doing homework at midnight after they finally found a place they could rest for the night. Without internet, she struggled to complete some assignments outside, in the car or at a public park. It was even harder when she was stuck outside trying to study in the wind and rain. 

Despite all of this, Megan never let her positivity fade. She kept on pushing through with the help of stories of other people's triumphs and Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive"—talk about a fight song! "I just tried to keep my spirit up," she told WTVD-TV. And boy did that pay off!

Megan and her family permanently moved in with a family member in 2016, just in time for her to get ready for her first semester at one of the most prestigious colleges in the states. This just proves that you can get anywhere if you set your mind to it!

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by Natalie Bland | 6/21/2017
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