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Take a bite out of the new #watermelondress trend!

You *have* to make this your next Insta!

The watermelon dress trend might just be the cutest trend of the summer. Over the past few days, social media has been full of photos of people holding up slices of watermelon in front of someone, to make it look like they're wearing a dress made of the fruit! 

This adorable trend has taken social media by storm, inspiring thousands of Instagrams and Tweets. It’s not clear exactly who started the yummy craze, but most of the first photos featured babies sporting the fruity frock. 

Wanna try it? It’s *super* simple to snap your own watermelon dress pic. All you need is a slice of watermelon carved into whatever dress shape you’d like (have your parents help you if you'd like). Don’t forget to come up with a cute pose!

Check out the slideshow below for some of our favorite #watermelondress shots! 

  • screen_shot_2017-06-30_at_11.21.04_am.png

    Some say this sweet trend started with adorable pictures of babies! This photo was even featured on the Today Show.

    Photo credit: Instagram.

  • watermelon_dress_1.jpg

    This girl proves that watermelon is both the perfect beach attire and beach snack!

    Photo credit: Instagram.

  • watermelon_dress_2.jpg

    These girls look like ultimate #BFFGoals in their matching Watermelon Dresses! Try different dress shapes for a fun pic.

    Photo credit: Instagram.

  • ryan_seacrest_watermelon_dress.jpg

    Even celebs are joining in on the fun! Ryan Seacrest tried the trend behind the scenes on his morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

    Photo credit: Instagram.

  • screen_shot_2017-06-30_at_11.46.22_am.png

    Pups are not excluded from this craze. The only problem is getting your dog to sit still long enough for the pic!

    Photo credit: Instagram.

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by Maddie McGee | 7/2/2017
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