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You'll never guess how many colleges this girl was accepted to!

Applying to college can be kind of scary. You’ve got to perfect those apps while balancing your school work, extracurriculars and your social life. And once you get those acceptances (you go, girl!), the hardest part is selecting the right school for you. 

Imagine getting accepted into 149 colleges and having to pick just one to go to! 

One Tennessee teen is now faced with this tough task. Shariah Edwards, a straight-A student from Memphis, Tenn., decided to maximize her scholarship chances by applying to schools that don’t have an application fee. Fees usually can run anywhere from $50-$95, so she saved her fam some *major* money. 

One of Shariah’s goals was to become a Million Dollar Scholar, a title her school bestows upon students who earn at least $1 million in scholarship offers. Shariah earned the most in her entire graduating class, being offered more than $7.6 million in scholarship money! 

Shariah is still narrowing down the schools she wants to attend and she has a big choice ahead of her. She has options all around the country, but one of her top choices is Tennessee State University.

Whereever she decides to attend, we're wishing this brainy babe good luck in her first year at college!

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Photo credit: CBS News


by Maddie McGee | 7/24/2017