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Guess what? All of your Rapunzel dreams are about to come true!

From the first time we saw the light in Tangled's iconic lantern scene, we've been dying to experience it IRL. And guess what? Now we can!

A magical event called The Lights Fest is full of music, dancing, tiki torches, art, *food trucks* and, you guessed it, lights! When the sun goes down, environmentally friendly lanterns come out and fill the sky with light. You can use markers to right wishes, stories, drawings or whatever you want to personalize your lantern and share what makes Y-O-U special. Your light will surely shine! 

The best part? The Lights Fest is travelling all over the world to a ton of cities! Every ticket includes a lantern, swag bag, flashlight and marker. But even with all the cool gear festival goers are guaranteed to get, the org is still giving back. With countless partners like Make a Wish and Girls Rule, The Lights Fest is helping make the world a better place. That means that living out your Rapunzel dreams is for a good cause!

Check out this vid for a sneak peak of the night.

Are you going to send out some princess vibes at The Lights Fest? Let us know if you plan on hitting it up!

Photo credit: The Denver Ear.


by Aly Prouty | 8/3/2017
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