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Here's what you need to know about Hurricane Irma

It would be an understatment to say that the current events of the past few weeks have been overwhelming. Texas was devestated by Hurricane Harvey, and the photos of the storm's aftermath are enough to make anyone feel heartbroken. Unfortunately, Florida is about to endure a similar fate as the state is hit with Hurricane Irma. Here's what we know about the storm right now.

Category: Hurricane Irma has been classified as a Category 4 storm. As of Saturday morning, the storm has sustained 130 mph winds, according to the National Weather Service

Where it has hit: According to CNN, Irma began to effect Florida's Southern tip early Saturday morning.

Where it will hit: Later today, the storm will become more intense. Florida Gov. Rick Scott said in a statement Saturday that by noon today it will be too late for citizens to evacuate. See the image below from the National Weather Service for a visual of the hurricane's expected path. 

Other things you should know:
+Approximately 5.6 million evacuated Florida prior to the storm hitting. Many were moved into shelters in the state (see above image).
+In the hurricane's path through Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and other locations (prior to reaching the US), it claimed the lives of 24 people. There have been no deaths reported in the US yet, but Scott said the storm is expected to be "deadly."
+There are two other hurricanes, Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia, moving through nearby regions right now, too. Newsweek is providing live updates on all three storms right here.

How you can help: Just like with Hurricane Harvey, there are ways to help (click here to find out how you can still aid those in need of assistance in Texas). Then, go here to find out how you can donate money, time, supplies, etc. to those that will be affected by Hurricane Irma.

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Photo credit: CNN

by GL | 9/9/2017
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