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Here's what went down at last night's Super Bowl LII

Didn't catch the Super Bowl last night? No worries, wed did! Here's a look at the need to know moments—from the game to the commericals to Justin Timberlake's performance—so you can act like you actually did catch the intense face off between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. You're welcome.

The game...
The Eagles went head to head against the Patriots at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn. and beat the five-time Super Bowl winners in a score of 41-33, allowing them to claim their first Super Bowl victory ever. Even cooler? Starting quarterback for the Eagles, Nick Foles, was the team's backup QB and only slid into the spot for their last three games of the season.

The halftime show...
We were ready, pumped and excited for the game, but during halftime our eyes were glued on Justin Timberlake. The singer—who just released his album Man of the Woods on Friday—re-energized the crowed with his single “Filthy" *and* threw it back with "Rock Your Body" and "Cry Me A River" from Justified and "SexyBack," "My Love" and "Until The End of Time," finishing off his performance with his smash hit, "Can't Stop The Feeling." It was a full 13 minutes of amazingness!

The commercials...
Commercials are always a big hit at the Super Bowl and this year was no exception. Viewers buzzed about the spots from Tide, Wendys and Amazon. Our fave? Definitely the Pepsi ad. Watch the ten best below.

What was your favorite part about the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: ABC News


by Alyshia Hull | 2/5/2018