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What teens at #MarchForOurLives want the world to know

Yesterday, in Washington, D.C.—and 800 other locations across the world—students, parents, teachers and everyone else who’s had #enough marched for stricter gun laws. March for Our Lives, organized by the survivors of the Parkland shooting, was a rallying cry from hundreds of thousands of voices echoing a united sentiment: Enough is enough; the lives of our children and those affected by gun violence have to be more important than guns.

The flagship event in Washington, D.C. brought together an estimated 200,000 people. The Stoneman Douglas High students were the face of the event. The day included speakers—survivors of gun violence as well as the loved ones of victims—and performers supporting the cause. Emma González, 18, took to the stage for an almost six-minute moment of silence (the time it took the Parkland shooter to finish his attack). Her peers, Sam Fuentes and Cameron Kasky, also took to the stage. Zion Kelly, a student in Washington whose twin brother was shot and killed by a robber, also spoke. Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus were among performers at the March.

Girls’ Life spoke to teen girls at the D.C. March, each sharing why they were marching.

“I’m marching because I believe that we need gun control for safer schools. Way too many deaths have happened. I think it needs to change,” Melissa, 15, tells GL.

This year alone has already seen 17 school shootings in which someone was hurt or killed. That’s over one shooting a week.

“This is my first year living in America and I’ve never lived in a country where there’s so many school shootings,” Aziza, 15, shares. “I feel really uncomfortable. I lived in the Middle East, mainly, and there are no school shootings there, even though it’s more ‘dangerous’ there. I want to be safe at school.”

Nina, 13, says, “I’m here to march for those who can’t march anymore and to let those know, who have lost someone to a gun, that they’re not alone.”

Anyshia, 17, echoes the foundational sentiment of how everyone at the March was feeling: “I’m here marching because, honestly, this is enough.”

If you are having trouble coping with the school shootings, try these healthy ways to process the information.

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by Shelby Newsome | 3/25/2018
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