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This graduation speaker broke up with her BF during her speech

And Hillary Clinton was right there!

Graduation ceremonies are happening left and right this time of year. We all know that speeches—no matter the occasion—can be bit boring. These outgoing Yale students knew that all too well, so they decided to spice things up a bit.

Rebecca Shaw and Ben Kronengold crafted an entire skit pretending to break up with each other during their speech. The best part: Hillary Clinton was seated right there to witness it all. And her reaction? It was amazing. They even called her out! “Are we really gonna do this right now? In front of Hillary?!” Luckily, She was an amazing sport about it, and totally went along with the joke! 

Giving off some real Blair Waldorf vibes, Rebecca even went into the crowd and returned with her new boo, “Anders, the football star." The audience loved it—and so did we. The speech also proved to be a perfect metaphor for the relationship a student has with their alma mater. The takeaway: the college you attend and graduate from will always be a part of you, but once you turn that tassel, there's nothing wrong with moving up and on—so long as you don't forget where you came from.

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by GL | 6/6/2018