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This college gymnast's amaze routine will make you flip

This is everything

Last Saturday, Katelyn Ohashi, a gymnast from University of California, Los Angeles, competed at the Collegiate Challenge in Anahiem, Calif.—and lets just say that she slayed the competition.

Her brilliant floor routine earned her a perfect score from the judges and crowned her team the winners of the comp. The 20-year-old from Seattle, Wa. landed each flip, twist and turn perfectly, and added her own personal flare to her routine, which was set a mashup of classic songs. 

The best part? Katelyn looked like she was having so. much. fun. on the mat. Regardless of her amaze score, *that's* what it's all about.

Watch her slay below!

Like, you know your routine is good when your teammates are performing it alongside you on the sidelines! That's what we call being a team player.

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Photo credit: UCLA video


by Rachel Palepale | 1/17/2019