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This homecoming proposal will make your heart melt


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OK, just give these two King and Queen right now! Saris Marie Garcia, a student at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, FL, was cheering during a school football game when she got the surprise of a lifetime. Her boyfriend, David Matthew Cowan, walked up to her carrying a "Will you be my sunshine to homecoming?" sign.   

Her answer? Check out the adorable clip below:


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Saris and David, who both have Down syndrome, met in speech therapy when they were just three years old. Though their families each moved around a bit, according to the local FOX affiliate, they eventually found themselves living near each other again and started dating. "It's amazing to share their story," Saris's mom tells Fox 35. "They have hopes and dreams and are capable. It's great to promote inclusion and acceptance."

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So, how'd homecoming go? "#bestdayever #lovehim" Saris wrote on Insta. Ugh, these two are #GOALS!


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by Jacqueline F. | 9/30/2019
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