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Watch: Miss America shows off a science experiment as her talent!

If you've ever watched a beauty pageant, you know that the talent part of the competition can be a lot of fun. It's usually full of vocal performances, dances or even live music, but Camille Schrier, Miss Virginia, turned that all upside-down at the recent 2019 Miss America pageant. 

Schrier, who's currently pursuing her doctorate at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, swapped the usual sequin dress for a lab coat and goggles to perform a science experiment using potassium iodide. Check it out below:

The talent clearly wowed the judges, as Schrier wound up walking home with the crown. She was also presented with scholarship money and a chance to bring awareness to her platform—drug safety—over the next year and beyond. "I’ve earned $73,675 of scholarship money that will pay for nearly all of my remaining graduate education, and a job that will quite literally change my life forever," she wrote on Instagram. "Here’s to big dreams, taking risks, and staying true to yourself."

Schrier's story is a great reminder to everyone reading this that our 


Tomorrow, this little girl checks in to competes for the job of Miss America. If you had told her this when these photos were taken...she would have NEVER believed you. She was a little weird & quirky, and liked bugs, animals and dirt more than dresses...and she still does. She didn’t always fit in. She went to Las Vegas in 2013 and watched in awe as Mallory Hagan became the new Miss America. But SHE could never be Miss America, right? She didn’t sing, dance, or play an instrument. She didn’t want to walk on stage in a swimsuit either, it just wasn’t for her. But Miss America sure was cool...too bad she just wasn’t cut out for it. She never thought in a million years that she could EVER go to Miss America...but now she’s about to. Here’s to all the little girls who are a little different than the rest. Here’s to those who think that something is impossible and try for it anyway. It’s OK to be yourself...sometimes it will land you on the Miss America stage. This one’s for you. • • #MissVA19 #MissAmerica #MissVirginia #MAO #ThereSheIs #MissAmericaVA @missamerica

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by Jacqueline F. | 12/22/2019