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Stop everything and watch these 5 videos to lift your spirits

There's no doubt about it: This week has been weird, unsettling and a little bit scary. But, just like most crisis situations, if you want to see a silver lining, look no further than the humanity around you. There are *so* many people—especially young people like you, reading this right now!—who are taking this opportunity to help others in creative, heartfelt ways. Here are five examples that are making everyone at Girls' Life smile.

The Farrell sisters from Virginia Beach, VA, are Girl Scouts—and we all know how a samoa can flip *any* mood from sad to happy instantly. So, they set up a virtual cookie booth, where people can donate $4 boxes of cookies to medical first responders and the elderly.

The people at Robbie's Hope, an organization started to honor the life of Robbie Eckert, who tragically committed suicide at 15, realize that social distancing can worsen anxiety and depression. So, they're reaching out to people in their Colorado community through social media, offering a listening ear to those who might be struggling.

In Syracuse, NY, Sara Byrne and her family struggled to find a way to celebrate their grandmother's 95th birthday. Since elderly are most at risk for coronavirus, they knew a typical party wouldn't do—so they surprised Grandma by singing to her from the front lawn, abiding by social-distancing practices.

In Bristol, RI, Destiny and Rhonda Diniz used their family business, Destiny's Hometown Diner, to donate 75 meals to the local Benjamin Church Senior Center. 

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot knows that the healing power of music can unite us all. So, she enlisted a bunch of her celebrity friends to record a version of John Lennon's "Imagine," a song whose message is all about treating each other like brothers and sisters regardless of race, class, etc. 

Have you heard any uplifting stories this week? Let us know in the comments!

by Jacqueline F. | 3/20/2020
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