In the News the United States going to ban TikTok?


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According to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the Trump Administration is seriously considering banning TikTok in the United States. During a spot on The Ingraham Angle talk show, Pompeo shared with host Laura Ingraham that he and President Trump are allegedly concerned that the app could be used by the Bejing government to surveil and propagandize users.


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Pompeo, who previously served as the Director of the CIA, added that to download the app was, according to him, to place"your private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party."

The app, which is owned by the Bejing based startup ByteDance, has previously been criticized about their ties to the Chinese government. In response, the company has stated that TikTok's data centers are located in the United States and are not subject to Chinese law. A TikTok spokesperson also told CNN Business in May that national security concerns are "unfounded". 


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The Indian Government announced earlier this week that they would ban TikTok and other Chinese-owned apps, calling them "a threat to soveriegnty and integrity". Currently, there are no *official* plans to ban TikTok in the US—so fingers crossed we can keep learning *amaze* dances and cracking up at all the hilarious memes.

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by Elise G. Esquibel | 7/7/2020