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Everything we know about Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

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ICYMI, the next movie to take Disney+ by storm is almost here. Secret Society of Second-Born Royals follows rebellious princess Sam, played by Andi Mack star Peyton Elizabeth Lee, as she joins the titular secret society. It turns out Sam and other royals who are second in line for their thrones have legit superpowers. Sam and her new friends Tuma and January train together in secret to control their powers, and maybe even save the world. Scroll on to see everything we know about Secret Society... so far.

The squad

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Peyton Elizabeth Lee's Sam meets a few new friends at the Secret Society. Tuma, played by This Is Us star Niles Fitch, is a charismatic if self-centered prince. January, one of Sam's first friends at the society, is brought to us by Once Upon A Time's Isabella Blake Thomas—be on the lookout for her *exclusive* interview with GL. Aussie actress Olivia Deeble is Roxana, a social media influencer with a major fanbase. The group is rounded out by Matteo, a shy second-born royal played by Faly Rakotohavana from Raven's Home. We can't wait to find out what each group member's powers are.

The story

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Second-born royal Sam lives in the kingdom of Illyria, where she likes to spend her days rocking out with her best friend Mike at protests and avoiding her responsibilities as a royal. Her perfect older sister Eleanor, played by Ashley Liao, is set to inherit the kingdom and acts a lot more like proper royalty in the eyes of their mom, Queen Catherine. 

Because of her disobedience, Sam is shipped off to a boarding school that turns out to be the secret society. There, she must learn to hone her powers from Secret Society instructor James and work with her new friends to save their kingdoms from the evil Inmate 34.

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The trailer

Released back in May, the trailer for Secret Society of Second-Born Royals gives a closer glimpse of what to expect from the movie. There are action sequences in a forest, shape-shifting walls and bonding moments between the heroes in training. Comments liken the trailer to past movies like Princess Protection Program and Descendants mixed with the stunts and world-building of a Marvel movie. See what they mean by watching the trailer below.


You can stream Secret Society of Second-Born Royals next Friday, September 25th, on Disney+.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/21/2020