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BREAKING: One Direction is officially getting back together and we have *all* the details


Oh. My. Goodness. It is FINALLY happening. Modest Management just released a statement announcing that One Direction will be getting back together to tour their last album, Made in the AM, in the spring of 2022. 

After going on hiatus in August of 2015, fans began to speculate that they boyband, known for hits like "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Drag Me Down" may never be getting back together.

In a statement released by Modest Management, the company said, "The boys are excited to get back on the road to keep doing what they love. Keep your eye out for the dates of the North American tour, as they will be released in the coming weeks."

Fans have already taken to Twitter to express their excitement about the news, with one Directioner writing "OMG. I would literally sell my soul to see them perform. Can't wait for 2022."

So, now that 1D is back in business, what is next for them?

"The boys have an amazing album up their sleeves. It's all of the unreleased music from the last album they made before their hiatus," said a source close to the band. "I might get in trouble for saying this...but it's called Made in the PM."

The best part? Zayn Malik even agreed to be featured on a track titled "Five." Could this news get *any* better?

Although the boys will begin performing together again, they have all agreed to continue to pursue their solo projects on the side. Band member Harry Styles is working on a tell-all book about being managed by the famed Simon Cowell, while Louis Tomlinson is finishing his second draft of a screenplay he wrote about maintaining his close friendship with Kevin the Pigeon after they parted ways on the X-Factor in 2011. The source expressed excitement about these projects and encouraged fans to continue supporting the boys' solo work.

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P.S. April Fools! Did we get you? While there is news about a One Direction reunion right now (and trust us, we are *just* as disappointed as you are) we'll keep blasting all of their solo hits until there's an update to look forward to.


by Claire Hutto | 4/1/2021